FAQs about LEDStudioV12.63

1. Q: LED screen becomes dim and out of order suddenly

    A:  Go to sending card setting page, click Default


2. Q: The green light on sending card stops flashing suddenly

    A: Go to sending card setting page, click default;

         Make sure the CLONE/duplication mode of graphics card is on if you are playing  in the program in foreground;

         Try changing DVI cable.


3. Q: No reaction during intelligent setup

    A: Check whether the graphics card is extended to second display, if it is, set CLONE mode;

         Make sure hub card and receiving card connect correctly;

         Check the flat cable connection;

         Make sure sending card and receiving card work properl;

         Make sure the interface definition of module is the same with hub card;

         Re-install graphics card driver;

         Test with another sending card.


4. Q: Some video format cannot be played

     A: Install video decoder, like FinalCodecs, Perfect decoder.


5. Q: It stops playing or pops up error message during video playing

    A: It is probably due to the improper working mode of video decoder, try to use other decode modes


6. Q: No sound when playing video

    A: Install video decoder

        Wrong decode mode, use other decode modes

        Replace video decoder


7. Q: The program cannot repeat continuously

     A: Do not use universal display 

         Use the play button in tool bar


8. Q: The software is hide behind the play window

    A: Click the ‘start’ in the left corner of computer,

        Click ‘run’, input ’regedit’ in the pop-up command window,

        Go to ‘regedit’ and then click ‘edit’ ---‘Find’

        Input ‘linsn’ it will show ‘Linsn’ file at the left,

        Click and delete it.

        Reopen the software and choose ‘option’ and go to ‘software setup’, cancel the tick on the left of ’always on the top’, save it


9. Q: LED screen system not found’ appears when open Led Studio

    A: Make sure USB cable is connected well;

        Make sure USB driver is installed correctly, put the Com port number within;

        Go to sending card setting page to check whether the hardware port is set to auto;

        Change the USB port on the computer;

        Check whether the Led Studio is of latest versions;

        Change computer, sending card, and USB cable for testing


10. Q:The whole screen or the area controlled by certain receiving card blacks out when sending configuration data during configuring display connection

      A:Go to receiver setting page to check whether the Max width and height is smaller than actual width and height, if it is, please change the max width and max height or increase receiving cards, then go back to display connection to make the CON file;

        Set the number of vertical cards and horizontal cards to 0,then click ‘Complex’, delete the contents on that option if any, then go back to ‘Standard’ to remake the CON file.


11. Q: How to realize to play the whole computer desktop in a smaller screen?

      A: go to sending card setting page and fill corresponding ratio for both ‘width’ and ‘height’ and send to sending card.(For example: one LED screen width is 320 pixel and height is 256 pixel computer resolution is 1024*768, So the ratio for width should be: 320/1024=0.3125 for height: 256/768=0.333 ).


12. Q: The image of the led screen moves when we move the mouse

       A: make sure the computer resolution is the same with display mode in sending card